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The Obie 1

The Obie is handmade from Japanese porcelain. 

Invented in Brooklyn and crafted in Tajimi, The Obie is a cup perfect for interesting homes, holiday gifts, and challenging conversations. 700 Obie’s were created in 2020, and each one sold gives a donation to provide access to therapy for those who need it most.

The Obie is manufactured by Maruasa Porcelain Factory -- a legendary family company that has been making porcelain cups for over 100 years in the mountains of Tajimi, Japan.

Classic bisque exterior.

Matte black interior.

14 oz.

Dishwasher safe. 



Haruka Imai — designer of the original Obie, recipient of that first email in 2017 — her work can be found here.
Jay Fleckenstein — Visionary Creative Director of "Workingman Retro" design language of BRICKROAD — his portfolio is here.
Jason and Mary at Bold Maker Studio — Prototyping partner for the original Obie — their website can be found here.
Keishiro Matsubara — Designer and CEO of Maruasa Porcelain Factory. — their website can be found here.

Rosalie Burns Photography + content creation  her work can be found here.

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