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The Obie mini

Born in Brooklyn, crafted in Japan. Again.

The Obie mini is the next limited-run creative collaboration between BRICKROAD and Maruasa Porcelain Factory, featuring the brutalist design and high-density porcelain of the original. The Obie mini now features a 10oz size - perfect for anyone who drinks things with human hands. It was designed and manufactured over an eight month period in a single run and will never be produced again.

As always, BRICKROAD donates 5% of all sales to provide therapy.


Created by hand in Tajimi, Japan, by the legendary Maruasa Porcelain Factory. With over 100 years of porcelain experience, Maruasa uses a unique manufacturing process that subjects The Obie to 24 hours of firing at 1,300°C, including reducing the oxygen of the kiln, which creates a high-density, high purity porcelain that is heavy duty, strong durability, and features a hand-feel texture that is without comparison.

The Obie mini is comfortable hanging out in a microwave and oven (up to 200°C). It is dishwasher safe.


Not happy with your Obie? Well, there's a first time for everything. No problem. Shoot us an email and we'll make it right. That's on us to fix, not you to worry about.

Shipping provided by UPS. Shipments are sent once per week - packaged up by hand, by us. Any issues - shoot us a note, we'll figure it out.

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